Nurture Your Personality Traits

"No person is free who is not master of himself"- Epictus. To rejoice ones' individual life, understanding themselves is a continuous process till your retirement, again it is worthy than any other research. Other side, we never able to come out from the dark with a logical and apposite decision,if we fail to understand which … Continue reading Nurture Your Personality Traits


Lets’ get out of sorrows

You got perplexed and wondered seeing someone triumph over his divorce. A loving mother do not hesitate to abundant her child for the sake of saving her second one. Or, a very trustworthy friend, did not dare to steal your confidential files without putting his second thought. Everyday we met this kind of irrational and … Continue reading Lets’ get out of sorrows

Stop persuading narcissistic people

Most of our time, we spend for seeking the niche in our life and workplace. As if ,living's ultimate goal is staying comfortable. Walking through the zigzag path, we pretty much exhilarated sometimes by thinking that may be found 'security or comfort zone' and acclaimed ourselves as 'we won'! Not at all! We only carved … Continue reading Stop persuading narcissistic people

Define Your Own Success: NEW YEAR RESOLUTION

It is quite absurd thing to define own success. There is no printed formula or particular measurement tape to gauge “ Life Success”. Who will declare you as a successful person? Is that you or someone else? Your “Insight Power” can define your success. Try to understand yourself- your strength and weaknesses, your life-goal, wants, … Continue reading Define Your Own Success: NEW YEAR RESOLUTION

Achieve your financial freedom at your early age

At my high school, I experienced a tough situation while my father having a sudden heart attack . Doctors said he needed rest for sometime. My mother faced difficulties to run her house show and was getting into debt further and further. Now a days, It reminds me awhile and I realize that most of … Continue reading Achieve your financial freedom at your early age

Be a mentor – color someone life

We live a life by what we get. We build life by what we give. Life pleasure is lean on giving attitude than receiving. Throughout our life time, we perform lot of Do’s and Don’ts for self interest only. How much time we think of others emancipation? We spend major portion of our time by … Continue reading Be a mentor – color someone life

How is Reading Habit Make Your Life Refreshing

Why don't you make reading habit' as your favorite? We all know how important the habit of reading is! But we can't imagine the inner strength of it. An individual with a reading habit could be considered as high personality and level of intellectualism. Why you should develop reading habit? Reading habit helps to analyze … Continue reading How is Reading Habit Make Your Life Refreshing