We Do Mistake: Is it Crime?

BY SHAHIN A. Feeling disgraceful or unworthy, is a common dichotomous feeling of human that we cannot avoid in walking through a path of dignity in self -life. Undoubtedly, its’ create clashes inner of our heart. We fought over and over and devastated, latterly, we experience a wicked feeling for our own deeds. I know … Continue reading We Do Mistake: Is it Crime?

Fear or Phobia : Get rid of it!

Do you have an irrational fear of spiders, cockroach or needle during your blood test? Usually, I severely scared of lizard seeing them on ceiling top. I just felt it will just drop down on my head.  Its easy-peasy, if it doesn’t transform and form another entity of cognitive behavior. A fear becomes a phobia … Continue reading Fear or Phobia : Get rid of it!