A Recepie to Manage Self-Centered People

By SHAHIN A. In our life, things may have gradually evolved into a unexpected manner.As such, you meet a friend for helping his life and you dive without giving a second thoughts. They unload their dust over the time for "PEACE" on you, surprisingly(unfortunately ) "FORGET" to inquire you, how you feel. A family freinds constantly … Continue reading A Recepie to Manage Self-Centered People

2020 Resolution: Appreciate Your Life

As of late, I toss an inquiry to the entirety of my understudies "What is the reason for Life and Why the maker sent us to the Earth?'' Still they are thinking and I enable them to require some investment. Since, I need to gain from them. Life passes by quicker than we might suspect. … Continue reading 2020 Resolution: Appreciate Your Life