Save Our Generation ‘Z’

Recent world crisis like Syria civil war, China USA trade war,post Cold War effect, refugee crisis and amazon smokes- all these news headline will gradually start taking place inside the juvenile tiny brain. Our next millinium generation or Generation Z need to be keenly taken care off. A state, soceity and familys required to play … Continue reading Save Our Generation ‘Z’


Nurture Your Personality Traits

"No person is free who is not master of himself"- Epictus. To rejoice ones' individual life, understanding themselves is a continuous process till your retirement, again it is worthy than any other research. Other side, we never able to come out from the dark with a logical and apposite decision,if we fail to understand which … Continue reading Nurture Your Personality Traits

Define Your Own Success: NEW YEAR RESOLUTION

It is quite absurd thing to define own success. There is no printed formula or particular measurement tape to gauge “ Life Success”. Who will declare you as a successful person? Is that you or someone else? Your “Insight Power” can define your success. Try to understand yourself- your strength and weaknesses, your life-goal, wants, … Continue reading Define Your Own Success: NEW YEAR RESOLUTION