You are amazing who you are!

Mesmerizing lots of advice throughout the life.

-Don’t tell lie
-Speak the truth
-Control your anger
-Practice meditation
-Learn mindfulness
-Don’t be stressed
-do this and do that.
From Childhood, it’s never going to end up. Sometimes we pretend to be cool with accepting this nice words. Even we don’t like it . For instance, I don’t feel like to talk even with my friends or I am tired doing routine job in office and home.There is no way to get rid of those situations even I am terribly stressed!!!!! You burst. This is absolutely natural phenomenon in your life cycle. Just accept it. You know, life will be colorless without your anger, stress , depression.Its okay if you ever face it. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed . Give yourself sometime to understand. Who cares about what people saying about who you are!!! You just try to understand yourself. Need to incorporate with some new ideas and thoughts on way to your life journey.

Appreciate to share your own experiences.Cheers!


23 thoughts on “You are amazing who you are!

  1. Those are great advices but i will say there are times when one will loose control, get stressed, lie etc. At those times, don’t beat yourself- we all are a continuous work in progress. No one is perfect, we learn from our flaws and try to be the best person we can be taking it one day at a time.

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  2. Aawww this was inspiring with what what I am dealing with. Nicely written. I had to come back to this lost twice. Thank you and I followed you.


  3. We wouldn’t recognize a good day if we never had a bad day. Just hope the good outweighs the bad and try to remember that tomorrow is a fresh start.


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