Learn how to keep privacy


Privacy and Secrecy seem alike but both have semantic meaning. Usually we express these words as euphemism one to another.We may use these words  for similar purpose also. However both are conceptually  different as part of our deeper expressions. Our absolute personal matters and our secret matters  should  be considered as two distinctive events.And so you must aware of disclosing your private or secret matters to your close ones.Every relation deserves to keep their issues secret or private. The couple or love birds need to allow their partners to exercise ‘privacy and secrecy’ in healthy manner. Remember, a very intimate souls also need some space. Prying minds ruin the relationship!

For instance, you  hide or you don’t feel like to share something with your close Friends, Spouse, Parents & Children and you feel guilty.This is always not true that hiding something from your valuable treasures is kind of cheating on them. Human desires space from every relationship. Our sense of space will help to develop our sense of self.

Don’t mingle the situations of keeping  secret or having private space in your life.

Learn to honor peoples’ privacy!!

  • Set a fine line in between your home and work life.
  • Draw your personality type.
  • Before disclosing any private or secret talk, judge your audiences.
  • Stop feeling guilty.
  • Do your best for your family and your Job.

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18 thoughts on “Learn how to keep privacy

  1. Lol. I have always been a private person and do not feel the need to tell you something personal about me if you are not going to help my situation or the information will just be gist for you. For this reason, my entire household as termed me secretive. But of course, there is a difference between secretive and private, as you pointed out.

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    1. 1. Its’ okay if you are comfortable. We need to carefully select persons whom you rely on, then you may share.
      2. yes it is true that we should not to hide our pain that may cause some stress. But, same time we also need to dilute our sorrow without sharing or bother others….:)
      But you are always welcome to share your secrets that I could help..


  2. We all need somewhere private where we can be alone – it does not have to be a real place, it can be just a moment in our daily life we can spend with ourselves, alone, to “recharge our batteries”.
    And yes, we must respect each other’s privacy.


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