The color of life : Yellow

via Daily Prompt: Yellow


Which color do you like?

Red, Black, white,amber, pink, light blue,lime, arctic lime etc.etc.

Statistically and surprisingly among them Yellow is the least favorite color of men and women.

I, also never like the color ‘Yellow’ for some reason. When I see the color,  it reminds me the ”Yellow Yellow, Dirty Fellow”.

Obviously, Yellow is a great color. It’s bright. It’s sign of happiness.vitality, intelligence.  It’s classic and joyful. Yellow is the  color to create enthusiasm and it gives hope to live cheerfully. 

Different countries have different cultural color meaning. The Western, Middle East, Japan, Europe indicates yellow color as an happiness, joy,warning. On the contrary, China, India, Thailand sees yellow as sacred and auspicious. And  Egypt, Burma uses this color as a symbol of mourning, France uses this color for jealousy.

I am now convinced that we choose color as it suits us. We never think to link our life with the meaning of color. Every color has its own meaning which differ culture to culture and we need to respect them even we don’t like it.

Do you believe that  color could change our mood? I see a full bloomed Sunflower for a while or wear a yellow dress (even look weird)  when I feel depressed. Its make me bright, younger and confident sometimes.

To change your life, you have to take care of your mood, health and mind.Some color implication, like  ‘Yellow’ might help to do so. Keep yellow in your color list. According to science, Yellow  stimulate the nerves and purify the body.

I did,truly

-I have yellow flowers in my garden.

-In summer, I prefer to wear light yellow colored dress.

-I designed  my living corner with yellow-sh decoration piece.

-I allow my home with enough yellow sunlight, it also helps growing up  my children’s mental health. My earlier apartment doesn’t have the access of bright light. I changed it.

You may choose Yellow in your home corner! You will get the true  flavor of life!





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