Tune Your Life By Music


From the morning a sweet tune got stuck in my brain.I was very rushed and wrenched about my office meeting, kids health,  schooling,study score, conflict in relationship but the catchy tune of a Hindi music is continuously  humming  in my head still.

Truly, I am not a savant on music or tune thing. I am fond of music, no doubt. I have thousand collection of songs. Experiencing throughout doldrums of life, I had been a long distance with music for a century! But lately , I wondered I can remember the lyrics while played a song and I feel good inside even passing the bad days. It magically, changes my mood and I lost myself for a while. Finally, feel relieved and relaxed.

I would know music has the  power of feeding our heart  and mind.It might abstract your pain,toxins and emotions from your heart which tweaking you for the long time.

Gavin Ryan Shafron  from University of California, Los Angeles mention in his research about music that Music has been used for thousands of years as a means of emotional expression.  Music has inherent qualities that instill specific responses in the listener.  The Behavioral Perspective section postulates that music can prime listeners by making them predisposed through associations to feel positive or negative emotions.

The Physiological Effects section explores research on music’s somatic connection indicating that pleasant music reduces stress and may decrease the body’s post-stress responses.

The Music and Performance section analyzes the Mozart effect and its potential relationship to the arousal and mood hypothesis,which show that music is the way adolescents deal with emotional upheaval and how music can be used as a means of achieving catharsis.

Now I get back to my old and new collections of songs. Its an amazing job for mindfulness.

Music blow up pain, sorrow, fear and stress.Enjoy music!! Get a rhythm of life.

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