Recognize Your Inner Strength

buddha-the-buddhist-temple-of-borobudur-java-indonesia-pictuStruggle for existence is a very natural phenomena of a ‘live’. Charles Darwin had experimented to see how creatures  struggle for food and to adapt for their survival in a given environment in any other ways. After then,  Spencer had revealed the phrase “Survival of the Fittest”. In your life if you don’t want to be fall a behind, just realise  the fact of this phrase.

For survival everywhere in life, this is important to recognize your power, your passion,your crave for something somewhere. For instance, professionally,you are a successful physician.You never had a time learning how to dance or sing. But you are love to do it. Still you buy ticket secretly for American Idol or Dance Show, but you never being there. Its’ pathetic!Because of social and financial pressure, sometimes you deny to decipher of thyself. Leverage some of your liking to transform into strength.

Albert Einstein even failed  French exam but physics was his zeal. J.K. Rowling  was diagnosed with clinical depression, but she was one, who wrote her initial ‘Potter’ ideas on a napkin on a delayed train from Manchester to London. After a long failed trail, they are successful.


How could you see yourself even you are a doctor, engineer, nurse, professor? What you love to do actually? Most of the time you are inaccurate to judge yourself.So recognizing yourself could be the first step to explore your life more smoother, who knows…!

Discover your strengths and utilize it and put it in action deliberately. Before your self recognition program- keep few points into your mind to check out:

  • Your Personality Types: Are you extrovert or introvert? If you are introvert person and love ‘public speaking’ ,before starts overcome your shyness.
  • Your Hobby- Do you ever nursing your hobbies?
  • Your friends, acquaintance or favorite persons list- do you really enjoy their company?

Identify your strengths and use them actively. And so your struggle for ‘survival of fittest’ will become worthy.

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3 thoughts on “Recognize Your Inner Strength

  1. we all have our inner strength but many of us don’t realize what they are.. a good post for thoughts. looking for more write ups from you. thanks for sharing.


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