Stop persuading narcissistic people


Most of our time, we spend for seeking the niche in our life and workplace. As if ,living’s ultimate goal is staying comfortable.

Walking through the zigzag path, we pretty much exhilarated sometimes by thinking that may be found ‘security or comfort zone’ and acclaimed ourselves as ‘we won’!

Not at all!

We only carved out our feeling, efforts,emotions to get niche over the time. It never be end up.May be it will be continued till our death!

It seems like actually what is not! Its flimflam or bamboozle thing.

The spectrum of ‘give and take’ thoughts is too thin to realise.The reality is – we never find our niche.To be secure in life, Human just opt to adjust, compromise and pretend to be happy, or squeak, cry , be narcissistic and getting frustrated, depressed or confused then be medicated for insomnia. After that we get back to the square one again …we cry and try.A catastrophic effect!!

After all of frantic efforts, you don’t know where did you do the mistake? Why do the life equation doesn’t matched? Why do you got hurt unnecessarily?

Answer is “You  carefully care the careless people.”

In your office and home, a chunk of bad hearts roaming around you with fake smile. You love them and show the respect.Gradually, the amity with them was so palpable that its pretty much microscopic to realise if they dump on you.

That is not your problem at all!

But when you get back to scene after a storm shock, you do not need to squawking with the person or need not jump on them or need not give ‘full bright’ attention that they actually expect from you. Finally, never feel guilty. Try to be honest with yourself.

The people whom you rely on so much. Trust them than yourself. Ready to support with what you have. You can not imagine they don’t love you or they are taking advantage on you. But you feel so down when they ignore you their party or forget to send you valentine gift.

Albeit, its quite natural to bring out some anger with their selfish behavior. But stop doing that. Rather try some reactions…

  • Define them as Narcissistic Person
  • Respect other feelings for you.
  • Find gratitude for your single achievement.
  • Do not run for keeping them in your life.Just leave them where they are.
  • Stop over thinking and persuade this narcissistic people to clarify their behavior.They will misguide you.
  • Winkle out the anger for them from your heart.Clean your heart.
  • Help people even someone do not need you.

There are so many obstacles in your life including your beloved ones.The platitude fact is some of them will try to stop you by so many ways . Before they try to do, you stop them. Put ‘A Full Stop’ on their lip!!


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