Traveling is good when you affected on ‘burnout’

All of us, pretty much familiar with the word ‘burnout’. It is a situation; mostly we face for various causes like overwork, prolonged stress, extreme exhaustion or frustration. The scary thing about burnout is not having appetite to live. Unknowingly, it reduces the capacity of heart to feel tenderness of love, affection and feeling for others. As a result, relationship also gets affected. Top of it, our natural sense of humanity get lost!

To live healthy, we need to identify and analyze our mental condition time to time. If you’re feeling lost, can not concentrate on particular issue or as though you’re depressed for long time, certainly you are suffering from burnout. Why don’t you pull and buckle your minds with some safety tips to be healthier mentally and physically?

When this sort of situation occurs, you just need to stop or shut down everything for a while. Isn’t it possible? Cause you have family, kids, important meeting with investors and lots of responsibilities?

Let’s find a solution.

Eureka!!! Got It. Why don’t you take a short leave for a week and move away from your regular place to relatively distant places? Yes, I am talking about Traveling. It forces you to be active, decrease your stress level, decrease heart disease, make yourself fit and healthy and so on. In one sentence, Traveling is good for healthy life. I guarantee.

Why is Traveling  necessary for self well-being?

  1. Stress free life : Vacationing only a day or two, 89 % of people are able to relax and leave work stressors behind, according to the Global Coalition on Aging . It is obvious that you feel relaxed and stress free, when your boss is not calling you whole day, kids are not nagging for school home work, you need not to worry for your dinner to arrange or not likely to prepare next days ‘to do list’.
  2. Lower Health Risk: Travel reduces the possibility of diseases  as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, depression levels and more, according to the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee.
  3.  Improved Mental Well-being: According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, those who travel abroad tend to be more open and emotionally stable. Exploring new places tend to learn more culture, lifestyle, peoples view. So, you compare your situation easily.
  4. Improve concentration level:  Through travel your brain is sharpening as well as enjoying the world. It refreshes your inner sense and spirit for next step. Doctors say that travel promotes brain health and builds brain capacity to handle the considerable stresses – financial challenges, job stress, family tensions etc. After leaving all works behind, you focus only your mind for pleasure in travel so when you back its easier to do alone.
  5. Improve family bond: Everyday life, husband & wife is becoming mechanic. When husband is in home, may be wife is in work. When she is back, husband leave for night shift. Kids are missing their parents and waiting for a year to play or spend time.Nothing to do for the career sake. When you are away from all chaos, its a high time to spend quality time with full attention with your loved ones.

How do you plan for Traveling?

Plan first: Plan on sudden! If you are too busy, 3 days are enough to roam around. By planning well; you can ensure a hassle-free trip. Keep a small diary and start with a title ‘Travel plan 2017’. You note down every little issue on it whatever you have on your mind. Google in your desired destination and try to get some ideas of the country’s culture, attractions, hotel, food laws and regulation etc. You may check friends and family if they have recent experience for any historical place.

 Check your Budget: Plan your trip according to your budget. You may complete your trip with 2 star hotels or 5 star hotels, with spa or without spa. A vacation cost depends on what you decide to spend. Take an hour or two to figure out how much your trip would cost you and your companions. During cost analysis try always add 2% extra for things that you haven’t accounted for.

Apply for Visa & other: Okay. By now you are sure where and when you want to go. Now its time for apply for Visa and other essentials for entry to your desired place. Make your reservations for flights and accommodations. Don’t wait till the last minute for your hotels either – you don’t want them to be booked or almost-booked.

Pack your backpack: Wow! You got your visa and passport. Now pack your luggage as light as keep space for shopping. You know, a light bag make you feel also light when you travel cross the road or catch the city bus/train.

Our day to day life is monotonous and stereotype if we do not take care of it. Emotionally and physically It could also affect us. Too much pressure socially and financially could make us depressed and ill. Doctors and scientists are researching to find the ways to get out from this situation. Before going medication or treatment, we may find some solutions to pull and buckle our safety belt.

So PLAN , BUDGET and GO to explore and discover a surprising fact of yourself with new one.


49 thoughts on “Traveling is good when you affected on ‘burnout’

  1. hah! that’s pretty much i did, 20 day vacation recently. So many great stuff happened in our vacation and my boyfriend even proposed to me! Thanks for sharing this info Shahin!


    1. I pray and hope your family issue settle down soon. Take some time to plan… not very far you can visit near your city for 2/3 days. Its just matter of diversion our mind….Cheers!!


  2. we have just one life to live. traveling gives us the meaning to live. absolutely good piece of writing. Shahin, look forward to read more of your thoughts !!


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