Daily Practice of Contentedness

“Nothing can measure your success; rather be contented in your life”.

This morning I discovered myself with universal question regarding my purpose in life. Yes!! I am here not to attain or succeed all-out marathon race, but purely to be in this world. Survive and live. Our Life is an endowment from God, and now I’m glad to be contented with every moment of it.

At our every phase of life, to be contented is not a cup of tea . Again, it is necessary to learn how to be contented in life. Where to start and where to stop.  Lets’ inquire the questions- What I am doing, What I have and Who are around me.

In my age, still I am trying to learn about contentedness.

I was addicted to social media and kind a shopaholic too. Owned too much clutter in my apartment, and was bogged down with credit card debt, make my life miserable. I was unhappy with my relationship and desired desperately to change everyone as my wish. I was always worried I did not get promotions and not achieved the excited awards in my career like others victory. I would firmly believe the way I did things were error free and obvious get me a comfortable life. Finally, It results a disastrous feeling with immense sadness and a usual tendency to play a blame-game. It seems I started living a hell!

 I never expected that miserable life. I wanted to be happy with a balanced-healthy-life, raise children with balanced technology, and moreover a good life style. I tried to become happy what I had with a bunch of joyful cheery people. I de-clutter lots of “Should Be”, rather I choose  “Less Worry”.

I decided to apply a simple trick to get back my peace of mind. PAUSE and RESTART.

Pause over social media or others that took too much time and make you unproductive. Reducing screen time and increasing social gathering (not virtual) with bestie. Stop over thinking of “what if” and start working with your creativity instead.

Initially, I bet it will be a great start to be more contented ever.

Sometimes, we have a feeling of ‘Unhappy’ and ‘Happy’. Have you ever thought where is the difference? Same situation can makes you happy or unhappy.There is an very fine line between unhappy and happy feeling – the differences only in between your brain and mindset. People could be happy (or unhappy) with a luxury apartment. If you can appreciate what you have, instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, it will be easier to accept the situations in positive mode, and you do not need to struggle day and night to fetch the peace. Just reduce the gap between your brain and mindset.

Our demand is like a never-ending process. And we set our mind to get more, more and a bit more. After graduation, you just pray to God “ Dear God, just give me a job, I will never ask YOU for anything”. Suddenly, you got a dream job. After few months, you are dissatisfied with your paycheck and upset why its’ not growing faster like rabbit race. While your paycheck got increased now start thinking about when your next promotion will be. Slowly, you are trapped within the dark tunnel of “Unhappiness”. It could be collide with other issues of your life- your relationship, friends, career, finance etc. You always are looking for clue to settle the puzzle and create another block. This will continue till we die.

Just give a pause!

  1. Try to find out what you have amazing things in your life. A kind hearted friend, a tiny own- house or a small cute pet.
  2. Focus to assure a sound and good health. Try to add as much as possible healthy foods, Yoga and Meditation. Its not much difficult to adopt.
  1. Stop Over thinking. Never allow yourself “What If”, replace with “Lets Try”
  2. Set your new hobby. Find the simple things that give you similar happiness, and focus on those rather than what you don’t have.
  3. Love Yourself. Give enough time for taking care of your mental health
  4. Be a mentor for others.
  5. Believe ‘Life is yours, so don’t allow anything to control your mood”.

This small write up is just a clue. It could vary person to person life. So, get the clue and design your own style and apply happily to be contented in life. You do not need to change yourself drastically with lots of stuff. Just need a soft punch and courage to shake up your inner realization to be contented.

Restart your life with a new thought of contentedness and practice daily with joy!



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