Be Aware of Emotional Violence

Following to carry our beautiful life profoundly, often we struggle with our partner’s Catch-22. We experience a hidden entrapment within senseless situation with our love ones. Suddenly, at your middle life, you noticed that your psychology, mind and body stuck in traumatic stress and unexpected memories, you are facing anxiety, and your subconscious mind playing a blame-game to reduce your guiltiness, moreover you feel subterfuge and powerless after all day planning.

The highest possibility is you victimized of emotional abuse.

Both male and female are prone to emotional abuse, particularly with our life mate or loving partner. If we don’t identify at the right moment, a long term emotional abuse may cause a self-destructive nature in your behavior. As a result, those who have experienced continuous emotional abuse start creating a self-belief that they cannot do better for anyone, a negative self- thought replace their wonderful heart with a bitter truth.

Unfortunately, many victims of chronically abusive relationships incline to be attracted to their partners who are sequential abusers.  Once in the relationship, victims may still overlook the signs of abuse, wanting to believe that they will be able to balance their relationship by the goodness of the partnership.

Be aware and immediately heal from those traumas.

Once we able to identify the abusive partner and learn to protect from sequential abuse interactions, we will learn proficiently to maintain a healthy and self-preserving borders with the toxic partners.

Obviously, it is a so challenging to find out the solution to overcome this ‘catch 22’. How can we proceed to stop the emotional abuse from partners? Defy the current doer or by leaving the relationship? It is often easier said than done. Most of the sufferers have been persuaded in such a way that they are too scared to confront their partner. But, even who able to free themselves from an abusive partner, it is still often an uphill combat to overcome the nightmare.

For that to be possible, abuse victims must choose a partner who understands and supports their healing journey and can hang with them through the three critical stages that will ensue in that process. If that chosen partner also has trauma of his or her own, then both partners must trust the other to participate fairly in their inevitably more complicated exchanges. Those couples who have been willing to do this through their therapeutic become a team who create relationships that are admirable and remarkable to observe.

Step into Healing Process

Identify yourself whether you are chronically abused person or not. Acknowledge, work through, and broke free of the bonds of abuser interactions. As an abuse victims, try to minus some of your thoughts and behaviors such as feeling of guiltiness, fear to explain own actions, self-judgment and not to see every murky situation as their fault. Rather, you replace your belief with not feeling responsible to “fix” all problems at your own cost.  

Do not allow yourself to be pulled back into the lock in self-doubt and less confidence. Try to believe and create following auto suggestions “I am only master of my own destiny, no one else”, “I am  in a position to choose with whom, how, when, and why they will open to love”,  I will not keep grudges about my past “,   “ I will transform my weakness to strength”.

Be surrounded by the people who will treat you with a great respect. They will be well aware about your emotional abuse situation and will be empathized towards your healing journey and encourage you to be a compassionate fighter, not a victim.

This is not a easy journey to overcome. But the inner force of overcoming the awful situation despair all fear and makes you stronger and confident ever. You will never again to be experienced in the same way as before, you will not endure and tolerate or face the emotional abuse from anywhere.

Relieve from emotional abuse and explore emotional freedom !!


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