Post Pandemic Children’s Mental Health

Watching movie or passing leisure time is no more excitement in this pandemic year 2020-2021. Its’ slowly instill fears or anxieties in our daily life. Gradually….. a bit by bit. Out of blue,
human emotions and feelings scrolling ups and down in faster pace. Can anybody explain whats’ you feels exactly recent days? Are we able to express optimism and cheerfulness for future like before? Most importantly, our Z- generation minds are facing tiny devastating changes over their mental development, which is more vulnerable than a tiny virus. The negativity, uncertainty and negative information from TV news are surfacing around the school going children during this pandemic. A cumulative effect will produce if the Z-minds are ignored institutionally and individually. There are combine roles of schools and parents that’s required to be segmented over the time giving special care and management of kid’s Mental Health, Education, Skill and Support (MESS). To protect the Z-generations, state may impose institutional responsibility to the schools and parents to develop such policy and curriculum which includes four areas as mentioned.

Many researchers forecast haunting thoughts about COVID, which probably confines
kid’s mental development which will inadvertently trigger after few years. It is also imperative to evaluate children’s potential deprivation. My young sporty son is more concern recent days about the number of death than his books and friends. Almost more than 500 days after COVID-19, these kids are sitting inside the brick without any activity of brain. Above all, kids are struggling with home school, young graduates are uncertain about their future, they experiencing parent’s financial adversity and depression. It will horribly fail if parents and teachers are not performing right away with solidarity.

Researchers, state, politicians and policymakers are concern about the ‘self-harm’ attitude in the consequence of pandemic restrictions and limitations like lock down and vaccination.
To develop Z-mind there are some ideas to restore kids’ mental health:

  1. Set a morning routine with exercise like cycling, jogging etc. and accompany them
    preferably by parents or grandparents.
  2. Help them to write stories or letter to express themselves.
  3. Let them participate in household chores like cleaning or cooking.
  4. Recognize and appraise their work.
  5. Senior of the house surely prioritizes while children ask for your attention.
  6. Discourage Gadget. Let them realize its’ a necessity, not obvious of life.
  7. Teach them how to become self-prudent.
  8. Finally, encourage and engage.
    It is very urgent to build strong emotional ties with your child to set the social and emotional milestones. ‘School and Education’ is not the only priority in this ‘new normal’. To a certain extent, more analogies or term are necessitated to include a children development cycle such as understanding Z-minds, develop a resourceful school curriculum, enhance support system and perpetuate through skill development.

In this regard, categorize children needs according to their age. Usually, habits and behaviors are developed very initial stage at pre-school age (before 5 years). Hence, if your children at this age, focus more on their habits and behavior. Between 6 years to 12 years, children learning capacity is very high and their emotional intelligence is quite significant in this stage and the prefer logic and justification to understand. At this stage parents teach them what is right and what is wrong. Slowly pace of the age, parents and seniors could support them in their learning with aim to keep them healthy, not only physically but also mentally.

Today’s children are our powerful resources to lead the next world. It’s our foremost challenging job to train them to see a vivid planet with humankind. If so, they will not have any grief-stricken lament in life. They will be confident and hopeful, will not be fearful the consequences of heedlessness. They will able to perform frivolously according to what they see, what they experience and what they learn in this ephemeral world.

Nurture the Z- minds. Help them in developing healthy mind, ensure good education, and support them to achieve the essential skills to live a ‘New Normal’ after pandemic.


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