Fight for Real Bond

Feeling betrayal is not an uncommon phenomena in our life journey as we experience the such many insidious way. Often,we terribly lost a relationship only because they reluctant to fight back for being associated.

Every relationship deserves self-honor, attention, care , love and finally, attaining TRUSTWORTINESS. It is a reciprocal process either human, animal or other object. What you did in childhood while you saw your lovely play-doll were thrown by the naughty neighbor boy or someone picked your favorite football without your knowledge. You felt betrayal? We gave our endless love, attention, care which enable slowly a trust on the particular relationship with the doll or a football or the snatcher. But when its stolen or snatched out,we shattered, started missing my favourites and most importantly, our trust broke down.

Relationship with object like favorite car, pen, pair of jeans etc. is not my subject topic here even though they are very crucial priority of our life. The reason behind, the material relationship have also some weightage on human kind and mostly one sided. So, we do care but never feel betrayed if we lost them.

On the contrary, relationship with animal like puppy, kitten or any pet is another epitome of live relationship. In this case, we do care, love and invest, slowly attain their trust. As human, we tolerate their irritation, sharp scratches as we know they are pure and innocent. But after few years if they lost, it has a bit betrayal feeling inside.

Clearly, the expectation and prosthetic feel about an object and pet has significant difference because of metaphoric psychology of human.

What about human relationship based on race, age , ethnicity and gender? It is great dilemmas after all. Do you feel your important relationships are no longer care you back? Do you feel harmed by the intentional actions of a trusted person

Then I strongly recommend get a pause to realize that the capability of people to whom you shared most of your emotions or life story , either they could able to bear it or not. Mutually respectful reactions in relationship always enhanced connection and trust. It is important to select or accept someone who have owned the right to hear your story.

There are two metaphor of human connection exchange capacity : one is the giver and two, the taker and commonly both should have the capacity to empathize, affinity , love to others. Otherwise, human connection will not be worthy. Build a trust in a relationship is a first idea we might deposit as taker or giver. The magic formula could be ‘building more trust than breaking trust’ for any long lasting healthy relationship.

Here are some ideas to measure the trust scale in our relationship, worthy to aware about either real trust or counterfeit trust:

Trust 1. Being Capable and Reliable

Trust 2. Going Beyond the Comfort Zone

Trust 3. Being Generous

Trust 4. Not being Hypocrite

Trust 5. Stand Up for other with Integrity

Any relationship other than toxic , has blossomed with the love, care and trust if we are aware enough , effort to connect others brain , respect and empathized subsequently. This nurturing process will heal your trust system for fighting for the bond.

Sometimes we loose our trust for someone’s misappropriate statement, if they are reluctant and shrugged of your emotions, just never chase for them. Because this is a counterfeit relationship. Obviously, he/she can not go along with your trust system. Don’t be disheartened, accept the incident and get ready to built your trust system: empathize, affinity and love.

Be courageous to choose the important and real relationship of your life who handles our wounds gently, celebrate your triumph and always fight back to hold the bond in!


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