Shahin A.

My last week was such a hat trick that I have experienced salacious version of life where every day taught me a lesson. I was shattered, felt panic-stricken, even my brain dallying to think the outcomes. The week taught me great SEVEN LESSONS for life:

DAY ONE: DONT PUT YOUR TOO MUCH ATTENTION WHO ARE NOT RECIPROCAL TO YOUR KINDNESS. It is weird if you stop empathize to the person who fail reciprocally to communicate with your warm-heartedness and mostly treat your love as for granted. Indeed, kindness is a great virtue to show someone is in need or those suffering for long. Nevertheless, you could be disheartened with their behavior that put down your self confidence and inner spirit. Too much generosity send a wrong message if the person thyself is not ready to receive your help. Your proactive act might distract other side to understand your true intuition to help. Human virtue is very precious, so carefully and proportionately cater your attention to someone who desire, deserve and can decipher your good intention at any catastrophe. Withholding your kindness is not a good idea. However, spread your love whole heartedly only to those who deserve, who can reciprocate with the gratitude.

DAY TWO : LIMIT YOUR TRUST TO SOMEONE FOR GAURD OF YOUR OWN VALUABLES. Trusting people is fundamentally important for human survival and saving the soul spirit. It gives us inspiration to move on. But blind trust is vulnerable, specially in our daily living. Set your boundary of trust even with your spouse, children , fiancé ,at some extent I should say parents also. Unconditional trust or trust blindly someone shows immature and hinder to develop your strong personality. Whoever you trust, even the person gain trust immensely, again think twice. Showing more trust to someone doesn’t mean you have more love for them. Always keep your own belongings in your self-custody or else try to keep written document , if possible with witness. Blind trust occur while you less confidence, and slowly expect people do our job on our behalf. In this regards, reduce the dependency on others would be fundamental choice. Less dependency protect to ‘trust blindly’ others.. It is a good start if you practice everyday some petty job like organizing your table, put the charger right place, set a alarm clock for morning yoga, cooking for your dear ones, declutter your closet etc. It helps you to keep your valuables in safe and a gradual leadership will help your professional life as well. Beyond trust or dependency on others might make you footle. Its your life, nobody can understand the value of your life, your belongings. Never rely fully on other to take care of your own need.


At the middle of my age, I discovered that I have an incredible list of people who can be addressed by relative, friends, neighbors or lover and so on. But that scary stormy night, when I vomit and felt almost to die, I was thinking who else I may ask for help to take me a nearby hospital. Its’ raining, flooded over the city. I was exhausted and so tired feeling hopeless alone at home waiting for a face, still the question was humming into my head WHOELSE? I was pretty sure most of my so called “ friend’ would throw tricky advice with crocodile tears, or some of them would plan to show up next day, another group boldly blames the COVID situation as if they run to me usually.

My suggestion is to de-clutter your friend list, never sack those people rather concentrate more those people who always gives their valuable time when you are in terrible need. Reconsider them one more time.


The truth is universal. Allow your mind freedom to accept the truth either you like it or not. Believe “Whats gonna Happen Its’gonna Happen, and Its’ surely for Good” (I cannot recall who said the verse). Meet with a good grace and with unfeigned thankfulness in your heart to God.


Over the journey of our life, we met thousand people for reason or without reason. Can count the numbers? At the middle age, now you easily can count the number who stays with your rain and shine (the number not exceeds 2 or 3). Genuine relationship is precious. Relationship ensures vibes our heart. So this is the right time to question yourself “Are you with a right companion?” “Does your buddy need your presence or vice versa”? If the answer is ‘YES’ just indulge them, only they can see the silhouette of your life.


Some black souls might spoil our positivity, brilliancy, worthiness and most importantly our inner strength. Try to identify the white souls around you, spend more time with them; don’t be stingy to open up with your ideology to share. Even though, it is very hard to distinguish between white and black souls. Again, give an effort to save your valuable time of running behind the wrong people with wrong direction.


While you see no ray of hope, if you feel like to cry, just do it. By dissolving into tears will let your outrage to out. Crying helps to open up our thoughts to regulate the emotions, lubricate eyes, reduce our stress hormones, and create antibodies (science says). Finally, I learned that resilience is the best way to adjust your ability to recover your bad days.

Be Smile and Say Hello 🙂


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