Hello Moana!

It’s a triumphal feeling to breathe beneath the arm of the ocean. The blue sky welcomes you to dive into the vast sea. Our body, mind, and brain – are all aligned with nature’s true love. The greenery triggers your heart with tremendous joy. While you got burned out of your lingering study or your heart is craving for preserving the beloved solitude, why don’t you choose to meet the ocean paradise either home or abroad?

The ocean resembles various epitomes of life. Its calmness often teaches us to dig out the treasures of our human psychology. Several authors portrayed the sea in their novels as a symbol of legacy to integrity. The Old Man and the Sea of Ernest Hemingway’s classic novel rightly pointed out the issues of vain boasting, fight back to life struggle, superstition about luck. The enigmatic nature of a deep ocean reveals your inner solid power and stamina to survive. The open arm of the sea shows you the openness of your mind while the waterspout threatens the risk of your recklessness.

Photo : Farahnaz Habib

The nature and ocean are God’s serene artistic creatures and convey a hidden message to the living being. That’s all!! All you need to do is decode the message sincerely over through our busy – husky life.

Photo : Farahnaz Habib

Feeling connectedness or warmth of your relationship is essential nowadays, aren’t they? You are bogged down in your gadget the whole day (sometimes you hate this) in messaging, wishing, or criticizing whom you practically couldn’t connect. Parents are scolding their children but still keeping their fatigue eye on the gadgets. Adults understand but mostly fail to make others understand. They believe the idea for others, but they never beholden the ideas for themselves. People are getting exhausted by feigning overall lifestyle day by day in the virtual platform and losing our own identity, the way we are! Eventually, it will have a deleterious effect on our social and official life.

Photo: Farahnaz Habib

Why do people behave in such perplexity? The base answer is ‘Stress,’ which occurs because of the increased level of cortisol hormone in our body. According to a Harvard Health study in 2019, spending time with nature reduces stress hormone levels. Scientists encourage also avoiding stimuli like social media, phone calls, and pompous talk to reduce stress.

Undeniably, there is a profound connection between ‘nature and human stress.’ One of the precious ways to surrender yourself to your country Moana!!!!!


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