Magic of Trust

Symbol of Trust: Photo Credit by Ahmad Saeem

What could be a resemblance of trust? Let’s try to draw on our imagination.

Now close your eyes….

Trust resembles someone’s endless joy and love. You can lean on someone with a deep sigh, and your heart will be brave even it falls in deep dark lake. You have an intuition that someone there for you at rain and shine or truly attached with your moments.  Trust can make you a fool, but a little trust can make you glorious. It acts as a reliever while you feel suffocated in your life track. We all have a desire to trust others and to benefit distinctly from them. Because it eases our living more comfortable and focused.   

What an incredible human behavior! But there’ s a contrary phenomenon. Being trusted is harder than trusting others. All relations deserve different magnitude on feeling of trust. from others Understanding of self-personality trait, being honest with each other’s objectives and communication with transparency could be the imperative attributes to build a trusted relationship with family, friends, and even at your workplace.

How could we build a trust?

It is obvious to believe the statement that ‘trust’ grows with the emotions of being happy and on other side, ignorance loosen the trust in the bondage. People should spend some time to understand the demand of relationship (applicable only if you want, if not, please ignore). Be acquainted or familiar with the persons over the time, be consistent and listen to their emotions and chatty behavior. But don’t get motivated with this article, if your intensity of mind doesn’t cooperate to build a trustworthy relationship.

Whom do you trust?

Henry Cloud and John Townsend rightly point out in their book Safe People, that the hallmark of an untrustworthy person is they claim blind trust instead of taking the time and action to achieve it. They say sorry for hurting others but don’t change their behavior, avoid facing their problems, and become self-justifying whenever they face constructive criticism. Trust can be sever issues in several incidents; most of the time, it happens if you trusted the wrong person who are not compatible with your thoughts or you believe the persons too much too quickly or the persons have severe egoistic issues.

What happen if someone broke your trust?

You make every effort to be trustworthy, still world is not listening to your emotions and you feel your heart is shattered into pieces. What to do? Trigger on some of neuro signals of your brain to set the commands:

  • Understand your own personality trait and try to understand the importance of the persons’ presence in your life.
  • Gauge the intrinsic emotions of ‘untrustworthiness’ whether he/she is a wrong person.
  • Be reciprocal only for those who are present for you, or let it be.
  • Rely on your family.
  • Rebuild the bondage but do not force yourself.
  • Prepare yourself more dependable and reliable than thinking of unworthy people even they seem millionaire and so-called “successful”( because I heard a poem ‘fish would think those are winners who swim fast but lions do not think in that way’).
  • Finally, don’t underestimate your inner feelings of being hurt by the ignorance  of others.

Discover hidden treasures of mind and happify world with small effort to change !!

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