The Season and the Beauty!

Photo : Rain and Shine

Ever since I was a child, I have loved rainy days for some unknown reasons. The drops created a euphoric sensation that freed my soul from my black ribs. I felt the rain wash away the feelings of self-pity that had been suppressed in my chest for so long. The rains spread my inner strength. I could see a fresh ray of morning sunshine whispering “wake up”! It’s strange but our belief in the power of nature is evident. Nature has a dominant superpower to control our minds. Since the human spirit is paramount, understanding mental stamina in relation to the colors of the seasons is a great effort to improve your livelihood.

Human nature has a common phenomenon tending to make new friends or get to know new neighbors at every stage of life. It’s good to connect with people old or new and let them be a part of your life. Choosing a good person is hard, but awareness can make your life more comfortable.

This is a must because the presence of the different kind of persons like the seasons; some are harsh, some may be soft , some of them could be intolerable who makes your life miserable even if you do everything you can to keep the relationship happy and healthy. Right! It’s not worth it to think that “forgive,” “forget,” or “let go” is the best solution to getting over these unmatched relationships. Dealing with these difficult people is entirely a personal choice of individuals. But we can handle ourselves.

  • Purify your soul with gratitude and rejuvenate like the Summer.
  • Pick a few people (not a group, may be one or three) and try to connect with them consistently, making sure shower them with love, respect and admiration how they feel like the Rain.
  • Try to be kind and helpful when it’s convenient like comfort at the Winter.
  • Discover yourself, never feel inferior or guilty if you become victim of these foolish fallen heart like the Autumn.

Move and let your hearts shine with the seasons. Remove our thought from the toxic situations. Go and travel to discover the nature’s beauty and connect yourself with your love ones ’soul. Watch how “nature” slowly drench out your pain.


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