A Purple Reminder: New Year Resolution 2023

Happy New Year!

As we ring in the new year, many of us take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead. This year, why not consider making a resolution that not only benefits you, but also helps to empower women and promote gender equality?

Here are a few ideas to get you started as a powerful woman :

  1. Support and mentor other women. Whether you are in a leadership position or not, you can make a difference in the lives of other women by offering your support and guidance. Consider volunteering at a local organisation that empowers women, or reach out to a young woman in your professional network to offer your advice and encouragement.
  2. Advocate for gender equality in your workplace. If you are in a position of influence, use your voice to push for equal pay, equal opportunities, and a more inclusive work culture. If you are not in a leadership position, you can still make a difference by speaking up and supporting your colleagues who are working towards these goals.
  3. Educate yourself and others on women’s issues. There is always more to learn about the challenges and struggles that women face. Make a commitment to stay informed and to share what you learn with others. You can also consider supporting organisations that work to promote gender equality and women’s rights.
  4. Be a role model for other women. We all have the power to inspire and motivate others, and this is especially true for women. Be a positive role model for other women by setting an example of hard work, determination, and self-confidence.

By making a resolution to empower women, you can make a positive impact not only in your own life, but in the lives of others as well.

Here’s to a happy and empowering new year!


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