Who are you: Perfectionist or Worrier? Red flag for both

Let me guess, why do you upset recently? “Simultaneously, last two months you are facing same drama in your life. Even you do not want to react that way.You shout on someone and then feel guilty….again shout and again feel guilty…shout and guilt. These two’s have a gravitational bound with you like a Galaxy. You…… Continue reading Who are you: Perfectionist or Worrier? Red flag for both

Grow compassionate feeling in your mind

Last few days,I had a terrible feeling due to sudden flu attack; as a result, slowly it sucked all my energies. I almost jailed myself in a single room and barely feel like talking to anyone,even to my kids.It’s really weird! My teenage boy wholeheartedly tried to look after his mother to ease her breathe.…… Continue reading Grow compassionate feeling in your mind

The color of life : Yellow

via Daily Prompt: Yellow Which color do you like? Red, Black, white,amber, pink, light blue,lime, arctic lime etc.etc. Statistically and surprisingly among them Yellow is the least favorite color of men and women. I, also never like the color ‘Yellow’ for some reason. When I see the color,  it reminds me the ”Yellow Yellow, Dirty…… Continue reading The color of life : Yellow

Its’ time to learn saying ‘NO’

One of the toughest and stressed situation ever, saying YES while neither agree nor disagree on something. It is an usual phenomena, you feel trapped with some unwanted request and fall in trench of push-pull situation at home and your work place. Are you struggling to say NO, when you disagree or feel discomfort for…… Continue reading Its’ time to learn saying ‘NO’

Cherish Womanhood

I am utterly wonder while women empowerment misrepresents the concept of gender equality. This feminism is not against men. I have irrational hatred of this sort of zeal for women empowerment. I am not crazy. I am always supportive to the vanguard of women empowerment issues. But I cherish the womanhood. I understand women rights…… Continue reading Cherish Womanhood