Money Management Tips For Newlyweds

A good couple always tries to keep the promise they made to each other. Rain or shine whatever the day comes, they may certainly overcome any unforeseen challenges  by arranging good money management habit at the dawn of their new life. Different couples decide on different solutions that suits best according to their life style.…… Continue reading Money Management Tips For Newlyweds

Develop good buying habits from 18

Personal Finance Warren Buffet, famous American investor and business tycoon who is well known for spending relatively little for his fortune. Surprisingly, he still lives in the same house in Omaha that he purchased in the 1950s. Buffet is an expert at controlling his lifestyle as steady at ‘up & down’ in his life. It…… Continue reading Develop good buying habits from 18

Stop persuading narcissistic people

Most of our time, we spend for seeking the niche in our life and workplace. As if ,living’s ultimate goal is staying comfortable. Walking through the zigzag path, we pretty much exhilarated sometimes by thinking that may be found ‘security or comfort zone’ and acclaimed ourselves as ‘we won’! Not at all! We only carved…… Continue reading Stop persuading narcissistic people

Recognize Your Inner Strength

Struggle for existence is a very natural phenomena of a 'live'. Charles Darwin had experimented to see how creatures  struggle for food and to adapt for their survival in a given environment in any other ways. After then,  Spencer had revealed the phrase "Survival of the Fittest". In your life if you don't want to… Continue reading Recognize Your Inner Strength

The color of life : Yellow

via Daily Prompt: Yellow Which color do you like? Red, Black, white,amber, pink, light blue,lime, arctic lime etc.etc. Statistically and surprisingly among them Yellow is the least favorite color of men and women. I, also never like the color ‘Yellow’ for some reason. When I see the color,  it reminds me the ”Yellow Yellow, Dirty…… Continue reading The color of life : Yellow