Embrace your “me time!”


Fetch your ‘Me Time’ and enjoy the time just with yourself.

Feeling strange? How do you  walk around lonely in a park or wandering in ice-cream parlour having ice-cream or gelato without any companions? Don’t get mingled this state of mind with loneliness instead it brings tranquility, peace,happiness,confidence.

This is the time you may nurture your feeling, you pamper your style-fashion,you treat yourself with favorite dish and you will applaud ‘YOU’ as you are doing amazing job for friends, family, kids and work day by day.

The truth is, there are times you need to be alone to get the inner peace. Otherwise, there is a huge possibility that lead you burnout and become toxic . Ultimately, you are heading towards depression, frustration, lethargic attitude and behavior.

Last fifteen years, every morning you prepare breakfast for your family. Well, you are a good passionate cook, no doubt. You do not have any problem with that, in fact you enjoy cooking.Your kids love their Mamas hand made tuna sandwich and mini breakfast pizza. Your husband can not imagine his morning kiss without having your hand made coffee.How lovely!

An addition with your daily routine, if you add a weekly breakfast treat just for YOU. You will sit relax in your favorite restaurant, no hurry for school, office meeting. Just allow someone to prepare your breakfast.

Is not so Yummy??? Yes it is.

You feel honored, pampered, important in your own world. Regular monotonous job may kill your inner strength.

However, learning how to be alone and comfortable in your own  will give you confidence and a sense of self reliance. We cheat ourselves out of the opportunity to become self reliant when we look for constant companionship.

Embrace your “me time!”. Pondering yourself into somewhere for sometime to find YOU. Lets begin:

  • Pray and talk with God sometimes.
  • Go and Grab natures’ beauty.
  • Listen music because melody ease stress.
  • Maintain a good schedule for daily activities.
  • Practice some meditation-weekly , if you have time limitations then go with it monthly or quarterly.



32 Replies to “Embrace your “me time!””

  1. Great post! Me time is such an important time and I know if I don’t take a break once in a while, I definitely burnout.


  2. The “me time” is very important to me. I always have my “me time” once a week. Some weeks, when I become so Busy and skip that time, there’s always no peace of mind for me. Thank you for this awesome post.


  3. We often feel guilty when we spend time alone.and away from our family. The truth though is, it is healthy for us. We need some time off away from home so we could recharge and by the time we return to our family, we have all the energy to be supermoms again, just like in most moms’ case.


  4. I love me-time and I indulge in one from time to time. I also often take short trips alone so I can think and meditate. I use me-time to evaluate my choices in life as well as the plans that I aim to accomplish. Me-time allows me to rejuvenate and be in-tune with my self.


  5. I love having me time. Especially when my husband is playing football, having the house for myself. I love that. Then I do the things that I really like. Being with myself, reading, blogging or just being alone. I love the quietness of the house and just spend time with my dogs, who obviously can’t talk haha


  6. I do have my ‘me time’. I visit a cafe and read a good book. I bring headphones too so I can isolate myself from everyone. At times, I walk around town alone. I do whatever relaxes me that day.


  7. Me time is so important nowadays because most do not seem to care for themselves. We sometimes give so much and in return we just let ourselves rot with all the stress and negativities in life. I personally love staying at rooftops and just stargaze or talk long walks in places that are safe.


  8. I love me time. It helps us reflect more. This way, we get to know ourselves more. A commune with God, or with nature, or with a book — those are perfect for me. Definitely, a “me” time is a must to help us develop our inner selves.


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