Mental Health Matters Now


After long decades, the world is experiencing a bunch of leisure times- stressful, overwhelmed and sometimes baffled. The kids, teenager, middle aged or old fellows, those are facing sudden trauma in recent days , that they have never seen, not even dreamed about in their previous life.  We are trying hard to get a “New Normal” life; we can construct a different reality.

Fear of cracked businesses, failure of your dream start-ups risk of unemployment, children education or financial crisis are the key issues frowned you every time and you cannot enjoy a comedy Tv show with your beloved family. Despite of less office work, loneliness and timidity seized you every day. Your sleeping hours are disproportionately increasing every week. Or you have a feeling of hopeless like alienated individuals. You got bored and believe that watching movies, cooking new dishes and reading books are not always the right solution to utilize your time in productive way.

This plethora of thoughts is making you fanatical, isn’t this?

Let’s imagine something different …

Step 1 Give some time to recognize thyself – your stress level, and probably pretty Mental Health. This necessitates to be taken care of before it engulfed in a shadow cast by your depression. Get help from some experts, counselor or your mentor, a trustworthy right person who may relate your mental woe.

Step 2 Stop Overthink. Remember it is a mental anxiety disorder. Many studies suggest that people who “over think” may destroy hypothalamus (located in pituitary gland and thalamus in the centre of the brain), pressure our cognitive parts of the brain more, which effects on memory, learning, and unable to make decisions in long run.

Step 3 Be happy by limiting your expectations- try to be minimalist. Start de-cluttering your unnecessary cloths, books, utensils, household etc.

Step 4 Believe the power of Almighty. Believe your inner strength and say “I am focused & doing all of my tasks sincerely. I am at peace and enjoying tranquility. I am in love with the humankind, and thankful for this present.

Step 5 Practice triage. With the tail of our life span, there are overdue tasks yet to done. No worry! It is alright if you failed some of the deadline. But, check one more time your priority list and reshuffled by cutting the needless one. This triaging will help you to create a compact list that enables you to be focused, instead of worrying about less important job.

All above the steps are fraction of your effort to keep healthy your mental health. In the month of May, Mental Health Awareness has been observed in many countries. Some study explored that approx 792 million people lived with a mental health disorder and this is slightly more than one in ten people globally (10.7%), half of adults (46.4 percent)  of USA experience a mental illness during their lifetime, some countries like china, Japan are concern to develop mental health literacy program for school students.

In this pandemic 2020, we may need to give special care to protect our mental health apart from physical health.

Make your mental health in your priority. Remember it needs much attention to survive to enter “New Normal” life.


5 Replies to “Mental Health Matters Now”

  1. I love how well you have prescribed about mental health in a series of steps. I especially love the No. 2 – Stop Overthinking.
    I overthink a lot, which indeed seems to affect my memory, as you have mentioned.

    I’m glad that I came across your article. Thank you so much!

    I am so happy to connect with you. I have followed your blog, and I must say you are doing a fantastic job.

    Kiran Kandel


  2. A very good lesson is presented differently. Really some good words are there, specially personal expectation and triage.


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