Grow compassionate feeling in your mind

Last few days,I had a terrible feeling due to sudden flu attack; as a result, slowly it sucked all my energies. I almost jailed myself in a single room and barely feel like talking to anyone,even to my kids.It’s really weird! My teenage boy wholeheartedly tried to look after his mother to ease her breathe.

I was overwhelmed seeing my busy boy, suddenly calm down and handling his family like a mature man during my illness.And his care acts faster than the medication that my doctor prescribed. Truly!!!

Learning about how to be supportive’ might begin from home, family, school, society. Besides good study habit, every human need to cuddle the kindness, care and compassion from their childhood. These are the necessities for cultivate humanity over our life time. Talking nice, showing empathy, helping others, taking care of the ills cannot be easy and it’s challenging to keep consistency in our behavior pattern. As we strive to grow ourselves as a good person; we inherit, adopt and learn about these good qualities of human nature all our life time.

Sometimes we think we got it, but the question is about its consistency. Is it fluctuating with our mood?

You agree that you are compassionate enough,but once you cordially take your colleague sister to hospital at mid night. Alas! now a day you rarely visit your sick colleague. There is a lacking of consistency for your compassionate feeling.

Compassion is a great virtue of a human kind.There is nothing to loose,if we uphold this extra feeling.Moreover, this accelerate our self-esteem,self-confidence and self-resilience to ” roll over the punch” at our crisis of life.It is proven, besides our regular hard-ruled academic study, we also need to cultivate to cuddle kindness,love,care and compassion so that we easily connect our surrounding.

Firstly, you need to believe that people needs your care,attention and love.If you don’t want to see, its never shown up. Never underestimate your self-esteem thinking he/she would be take care of by somebody.

Without expectation it is difficult to be compassionate and its challenging to keep consistency to feel others.

A true story reported in a Reader’s Digest column. A father and his three children got on a bus in central London. The father was lost in his own thoughts, and the kids, being unsupervised, were loud and disruptive to the other passengers.

Finally, a lady in a nearby seat leaned over to the father and said, “You really need to parent your children better. They are so unruly.” The father, shaken from his reverie, says, “I’m so sorry. Their mother, my wife, just died and we are returning from her funeral. I think we are all a little overwhelmed. I apologize.”

So, If we see the the thing putting our own foot into other shoes,it will easy to feel the devastation of others.

I experienced and I learned how compassion make a person complete.

Please share your story of compassion so that we can learn from each other.



18 thoughts on “Grow compassionate feeling in your mind

  1. ‘you need to believe that people needs your care,attention and love.If you don’t want to see, its never shown up. Never underestimate your self-esteem thinking he/she would be take care of by somebody’….this is so powerful! The world would be a better place if everyone knew this and put into practice.
    Thanks for sharing…I hope you’re well now? Stay strong xx


  2. Just happens to read your post after reading several articles about Palm Sunday churches bombing in Egypt which left 49 deads and at least 78 injured and that puts me in a deeply state of compassion for this victims. You’re right, compassion should be learned since childhood.


  3. It is because of compassion that I’m a vegetarian. When I was younger I loved animals and had even saved a sheep’s life before. I realised how can I say I love animals and then consume their flesh? At this realisation Myself and my mother turned vegetarian and have both been going strong over 16 years now.


  4. Our world needs all the kindness, compassion, and empathy we can get. Every time someone shows me kindness I get this warm amazing feeling inside me and it makes me to also choose to be kind. I am happy to start my week with your post reminding me to be kind and compassionate and to also be consistent in doing so.


  5. Topics about compassion gets to me…we need to keep talking about it as a lot of us are still not mindful of our actions. Thanks for sharing this and hope you feel better….hugsssss to the cute boy taking care of his mama too..welldone


  6. Compassion is what makes us human.
    It should be the basis of all religions, and also those that do without faith should still be able to feel for their fellow humans.
    But strangely (or maybe not so strangely), it is not one of the skills that are taught in school. Maybe it’s because children can be compassionate naturally, but then they lose this ability as they grow old…


  7. Wholeheartedly agree. We can all give others a break. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Having empathy and being compassionate is important if we are to grow as individuals.


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