Make a ‘CHANGE LIST’ in 2017

I feel tremendously happy, when I first step into my new own apartment few  years back. My little nest! I ticked off in my unfulfilled wish list and eye on what to achieve next. After few years,I felt splendid to see all check mark besides my wishes and get energized to prepare a new . This time, I wonder most of my wishes are the repetitions of what I have already. When we grab something with peak level excitement as ‘NEW’, after few years, it becomes ‘OLD’ and ‘BORING’. We tempted to change it to get another ‘NEW’. In this regards, we focus on  ‘New”Modern’ only  rather than ‘Necessity’.

This sort of habits are insidious, gradually cause  damages by creeping up on you slowly until you don’t even notice.

This year, I stop to stretching of my wish list. Rather, I prepare a ‘Change list’ for this year.

“Change List” for 2017

  • Sleeping late night. For hectic  schedule in daily life, we almost forget the ill-effect of being a ‘Night Owl’. Scientists says less sleep may trigger risks like lacking of concentration, impulsive behavior, depression, paranoia etc.
  • Keep more than one TV in  house. I  had two TVs in my home. Last few years, after office, getting back home and sitting in front of TV ,was a regular routine of mine.  I became a careless wife and mother. Never realise that  I established a bad example to my Kids. Apart from that slowly, I adopted an undisciplined life that hamper my social & family life latter. Now I have one TV. We share TV time happily among the family members. We spend a good time then.
  • Buy unnecessary food and fancy thingsSomething we buy which we do not need at all. And so after buying, we don’t like it or buying same thing repeatedly and stack at home for long days . This is simply waste of money and time. In long run , it will change our positive behavior pattern to negative. It will ruin our sensitivity.  Already, you have six wrist bands , why to add another even that looks so attractive or beautiful. Whatever!! Your hardest earning money slowly disappeared because of this habit. On the contrary, limited things in life is easily manageable that reduce the conflicts. Its sounds small  but impact is huge. Stop buying things even you could  buy  anything you  want! Learn how to limit expectations. Warren Buffet, the country’s second-richest man, still lives in the same modest Omaha house  for  50 years  and drives a old Cadillac he bought “about 6 or 7” years ago. It’s a great lesson from a billionaire how to focus life without  unnecessary belongings.
  •  Using your cell or any gadget in bed. After a long day, when you hit the bed ‘Sleep’ should be the priority. Otherwise we fall in a massive sleep debt.We are mature enough to understand the the disaster coming up in our life because of this fancy habit. Shutdown or keep in a silent mode all cells & electronics exactly at a fixed time. i.e, at 10:15 pm and finally keep them in a distance from your bed. I tried for last few weeks. It is good!!

 “A study published in the journal Nature last summer by Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Charles A. Czeisler, M.D., Ph.D., revealed how the artificial blue light emitted from electronic devices like cell phones, smartphones and tablets activates arousing neurons within the brain, preventing us from feeling sleepy. Plus: Remaining tethered to technology up until bedtime and keeping devices in our sleeping environments (leading to increased access) not only affects our ability to fall asleep, but the quality of the sleep we achieve by disrupting the body’s production of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone.”

  •  Gossiping We already realise that  gossiping is not a healthy practice in our daily life. We have all been stooge for gossiping.It’s a vicious cycle and need to be withhold. Instead of constructive discussion, sometimes we drain our energy by repeating others issue like ‘scapegoat’.

Change is impenetrable.But not impossible if you really ready to do it. You have honest feeling to change , you can understand the facts but again you can not pass it through. This is peculiar.

Over the 10/20 years you are acquainted with a common habits, how it could be change overnight? Just relax and take breathe…..breathe….breathe…..

Now, Ready..Set..Go with your new habits. You decided already you want to change, right? Now start self talking everyday the following statements:

  • “I will go to sleep by 10:30 pm”
  • “Honey, I will keep only one Television in my home at least for few years”.
  • ” I keep my credit cards in home and will buy in cash”
  • ” I don’t use cell, tab or laptop on bed, if  this is not official or urgent”
  • ” I heard somewhere that Gossip is the devil’s radio, so I stop gossiping”
  • ” I will not add in my wish list further what I have already. I will fall in love my first Home and my first Car”.

To achieve the ‘Change motto’ develop a simple and workable plan .After, few weeks when you discover yourself with this small tiny habits, I bet, you will be more confident and organized thinker than before.

Please don’t forget to congratulate and  reward yourself with some nice gifts.

All the best! I am waiting to hear how do you change yourself with a good habit.








9 thoughts on “Make a ‘CHANGE LIST’ in 2017

  1. Thanks for all of these…i am always looking for ways to make life easier. My hubs and i spend way to much time on our phones at the end of the day we started shutting everythibg down at 7pm. And its created a stronger marriage.


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